Building A PC For Beginners
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Selecting Parts
You’ve decided to build your own PC. Perhaps you were drawn to it by reports you’ve read on the internet, or an article you saw in a magazine. You may be doing this as a school  project (which was why I built my first computer), or just because you want to know how everything inside that magic machine works. (photo 1).
    Whatever your reason, assembling a PC is relatively easy, gives the builder a sense of accomplishment, while taking away any fear they might have of the complexities of the machine. If you build it, nothing that happens to a computer will ever faze you again. You are the master of the machine, not the other way around.
    Every project has a starting point. Plans need to be layed out in a logical fashion, progressing from initial decisions, the steps they lead to, and hopefully ending with the goal accomplished. For PC builders, the first
step is to decide which processor, or CPU, to use. Most of the other decisions, like which  motherboard,  which  case,  what  kind  of  cooling  system,  will  be directly influenced by your choice of CPU.
Installing the CPU
Computer Definitions Install AGP card.
Table of Contents
Parts of the Motherboard Install RAM
1st boot
Dream machine, or basic PC
How to build a computer
Computer Power Supply
Install case fan
Computer Cooling Problems