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Building A PC For Beginners
ISBN: 097727960X
Author: Michael F.Quarles
Price: $14.95
128 pages, 155 photos
Description: There are only 11 major parts in a computer. Most of them snap together, or plug-in. If you think you can connect just 11 items, then you can build a computer. Any knowledge you will need is in this book. It will steer you through buying parts, assembling them, and loading Windows XP.
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Speed Up Your Computer
ISBN: 9780977279616
Author: Michael F. Quarles
Price: $14.95
112 pages, over 100 photos

Speeding up your computer is easy to do. No special skills are required. All that's needed is this book, and a desire to make your PC go faster. We take a seven step approach, covering hardware solutions, and OS optimization. You can pick and choose among the steps, doing one, two, or all. Your computer's speed and efficiency are sure to improve if you purchase "Speed Up Your Computer", and put what it says to work.
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