"Building A PC For Beginners" Installing the CPU
Computer Definitions
Install AGP card
Building A PC For Beginners
Identifying Parts of the Motherboard
Table of Contents Install RAM
Booting Up for the 1st time
Dream machine, or basic pc
Computer Cooling Problems
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How to build a computer
An excerpt from "Building A PC For Beginners"
Computer Power Supply
Install case fan
1. The CPU socket. This is a socket A, also known as a Socket 462.
2. The fan for the CPU will plug in here.
3. Here are 3 sockets for RAM. Each socket can take one 184 pin module. Each side of the module counts as a “bank”.
4. These are the primary and secondary IDE connectors. This is where you’ll plug in the ribbon cable for your hard drive and DVD/CD.
5. Right below them is the connector for the floppy drive, using a slightly narrower cable.
6. This is the power connector. A cable runs from here to your power supply.
7. All the lights for the front of the case connect here. These differ from model to model, and you’ll really need that instruction manual to figure them out. They’ll be labeled on the motherboard, but the print is tiny.
8. Those USB ports on the front of the case are connected here.
9. These are the PCI slots. This board has six of them, which is getting to be a rarity. Five is a more common number. Sound cards, modems, capture cards, all sorts of delightful additions go here.
10. AGP, the Accelerated Graphics Port, for that high performance graphics card.
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