Building A PC For Beginners
from Monkey See Monkey Do Books
Whether to build a dream machine or basic PC.
   You may be saying to yourself, "This is the first time I've ever built a computer. Should I try to build my 'dream machine', or just a basic PC?"
   There is no great leap in difficulty from putting together a plain-Jane model to assembling a leading edge machine. The same thing it says on the back cover of
Building A PC For Beginners holds for all computers: "there are only 11 major parts... if you can connect just 11 items, then you can build a computer."
   Where the difference will come is the price. There is a fellow hereabouts who builds race cars. On the wall of his shop is a sign that says "Speed is money. How fast can you afford to go?" The same is true about computers.
   Speed also means heat, an issue confronting every person who builds a PC. Your machine may need two case fans rather than one, or even liquid cooling, if you plan on the fastest CPU and graphics card.
   In the book I build a basic model, that will fill many roles. The reason I built it that way is that I intend to use it myself. Please understand that everything I detail in "Building A PC For Beginners" can be applied to any level of PC.
   To see exactly what I mean, look at
"Installing the CPU", an excerpt from the book.
Installing the CPU
Computer Definitions
Parts of the Motherboard
Booting Up for the 1st Time
Table of Contents
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How to build a computer
Computer Power Supply
Install RAM
Install AGP card
Computer Cooling Problems